The Last Vampire


“How can I describe the heaven that is your taste? I can’t. There aren’t enough superlatives…”

Former Soviet surgeon Roman Ivanescu honors his Hippocratic Oath never to do harm by working at a blood bank in Manhattan. Quenching his violent thirst without killing a soul, Roman resists his natural urges and dances on the edge of sanity. Entranced by his first taste of her, Roman hunts down prima ballerina Maiko Himura, who awakens in him a passion he thought long dead.

But when Roman finds out his new love has just a few weeks left on earth, he must make a terrible choice. And for every gift, there is a price.

A vampire’s passionate confession to his beloved, J.T. Geissinger’s The Last Vampire transforms a classic predator into a man forced to make desperate choices for love.


“Vampire lovers will adore this story. You may think that there’s nothing new to be learned about vampires, but The Last Vampire contains a twist I hadn’t read before. A lovely but brutal tale that showcases a talented author.” ~ Books, Bones & Buffy

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