I’m excited to share that Wicked Intentions is live! I hope you’ll love Ryan and Mariana as much as I do. They were a blast to write, and have such chemistry together. Goodreads readers are giving the book amazing reviews, which makes me happy. You can check out the first chapter here, and order the book at all major retailers with the links below.

“Ryan and Mariana had COMBUSTIBLE chemistry that would not quit. J.T. seriously broke the mold with Mariana and Ryan. They were amazing and I was left mindblown and wanting more.” —five star review from Bookgasms Book Blog

“I was hooked from the very first page to the very last word. I read it in one sitting and it’s not exactly a short book. Ryan and Mariana’s relationship is a challenge and it’s a beautiful and dangerous one. Theirchemistry is beyond hot.” —five star review from Two Book Pushers


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