1.  When is the next book in the Bad Habit series coming out?

Sin With Me, Grace and Brody’s story, is slated for publication April 25, 2017. You can pre-order it on Amazon US by clicking here. Or sign up for my newsletter and I’ll email you when it’s live!


2 . Is Chloe and A.J.’s baby a boy or a girl? And what happens to A.J.’s sight??

Sorry, can’t give spoilers for either. You’ll have to wait for Sin With Me to find out!


3. How many books will there be in the Bad Habit series?

There will be three books in the series. (Update Jan 2017: there is now a possibility of a 4th book, or a spin-off series. More details to come.)


4. Will the Wicked Games series be available in audio?

Both books are available in audio, narrated by the fantastic Melissa Moran. You can get them on iTunes, Amazon, or Audible.


5. Do your books have to be read in order?

The short answer is no. All my books in every series are standalones, with interconnected characters. A new main couple is featured in each book, and there is enough back story inserted into each so you won’t be lost if you read them out of order. That being said, it’s my personal opinion that reading the books in order gives a deeper sense of all the characters and the overall series arc.


6. What is the reading order of the Night Prowler Series?

#1 – Shadow’s Edge

#2 – Edge of Oblivion

#3 – Rapture’s Edge

#4 – Edge of Darkness

#5 – Darkness Bound

#6 – Into Darkness


7. Will there be any more books in the Night Prowler series?

No. It ended with such a bang (Into Darkness won the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal Romance, and finaled in the Booksellers’ Best Awards), and I really believe in going out at the top. I personally don’t like it when series get stale and are dragged out for too long, so I doubt if I’d ever write a series longer than this one. I love Jenna, Leander, and all the Ikati, and feel our journey together is complete as is.


8. Where can I buy your books in digital/paperback/audio formats?

My Night Prowler and Bad Habit series are exclusive to Amazon on digital, but you can read the books on any device (including Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows) by downloading the free app by clicking here.

The Wicked Games series is available digitally everywhere. My paperback books for all series are available at all major retailers, and audio books are also available through Audible.com or iTunes,


9. Where do you get your ideas?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Just kidding. (Sortof.) Inspiration is everywhere, from dreams, to song lyrics, to overheard conversations. The trick is just to listen, and always be open to “What if…?”