• Into Darkness


    Into Darkness Into Darkness

    Darkness Bound


    Darkness Bound Darkness Bound

    Edge of Darkness


    Edge of Darkness Edge of Darkness

    Rapture’s Edge – (June 2013)


    Rapture’s Edge – (June 2013) Rapture’s Edge – (June 2013)

    Edge of Oblivion


    Edge of Oblivion Edge of Oblivion
  • Edge Of Darkness

    Edge Of Darkness


  • The Last Vampire

    The Last Vampire


  • Rapture’s Edge

    Rapture’s Edge


  • Edge Of Oblivion

    Edge Of Oblivion


  • Shadow’s Edge

    Shadow’s Edge




Oct 2014

Into Darkness Trailer

Well, well, what have we here? Yup. The Into Darkness book trailer. Yay! It’s a great sneak peek into what’s in store for you with the book. Check it out :      Read More →



Oct 2014

10 Days of Giveaways

Into Darkness is almost here! To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway a day on my Facebook page. There’s everything from signed paperbacks, posters, and e-books, to perfume, jewelry and a whole lotta swag!   The giveaways will continue until Monday, October 20th, so head over to Facebook to check it out.      Read More →

So not only does my publisher have a giveaway of 20 print copies (US only) of Into Darkness going on over at Goodreads, the book is also featured as this week’s Kindle First Blush! You can enter to win one of 20 digital copies on the Kindle Love Stories site. So whichever your preference, print or digital, you’re covered!   Also, there’s... Read More

Want a $10 Amazon gift card? Submit the photo I use as inspiration for this month’s microfiction story, and you’ll win! The story and photo will be posted on by blog, with credit to the winning submission. Contest rules:   1. Post photo in comments or on my FB page 2. Include photo credit if not an original (ie: if you sourced it from... Read More

There’s a great giveaway of four print books over on RT Reviews site, including an ARC of Into Darkness! Here’s the info from RT:   The Fall season hasn’t officially begun, but many of us are experiencing cooler weather, turning leaves and the urge to curl up with a blanket and a great book. To help usher in the new season, we’re... Read More

So I’ve become enamored recently with micro fiction. It’s basically a very, very, VERY short story, typically under 1,000 words. I love the brevity of it, and also that I can experiment with a lot of different themes and genres and characters without committing to any of them. So, from now on, every month I’ll be posting a new piece... Read More

For those of you who are reviewers and bloggers and would like a review copy of Into Darkness, the final installation of the Night Prowler series, it is now available for request on Net Galley.   If you are a blogger I’ve worked with before, please send me an email to jtgeissinger@yahoo.com and I will get you on the auto-approve list.     Pre-Order... Read More

Howdy, y’all! I’m back from five hectic, amazing days in San Antonio at the RWA annual convention. I picked up a bunch of swag, along with a boatload of books, so I’m doing a giveaway (or two) for Geissinger’s Gang members only. Here’s the giveaway:   Wanted by J. Kenner, Unwritten, by Charles Martin, Avenge Me by... Read More

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